Come and experience
the Buddhist morning service,
performed every morning
all year round,
and the practice of sutra copying,
a discipline to align
the body and mind.

Jinjo morning service

Jinjo morning service
Jinjo morning service

A day at Chion-in Temple begins with the morning service.
Jinjo is an unfamiliar word, but it refers to the hour of the Rabbit (around 6 am in the present day).
Thus Jinjo is a service held in the morning and is also known as Oasaji. At the service, the Amitabha Tathagata, Honen Shonin, successive chief priests and people related to the temple are honoured. The wafting smell of incense, the soothing rhythm of the wooden clappers over the Amitabha Sutra, the tense deportment of the monks.

A solemn ambience that cannot be experienced in everyday life fills the hall. You can visit the temple daily or visit during your travels. Chion-in Temple is the perfect place to feel close to the Buddha and the Honen Shonin and start your day in the best possible way.
Guests at the Wajun Kaikan are also welcome to experience this extraordinary setting.


Service duration
Approximately one hour

Annual timetable of
Jinjo morning service *The starting time is subject to change.

April to May6:00
June to August5:30
September to Novemver6:00
December to February6:30
New Year's Day (1 Jan)6:00
Gyokidaie (19 - 25 Apr)5:30
Jisho Denju Dojo (19 - 24 Nov)6:30
Densho Denkai Dojo (5 - 24 Dec)6:50